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Dear Supporters

Apologies for the time that has passed since our last update, but we are excited to say that we have great news to share!

Jim has recently returned home from a critical visit to the factory in China. This was timed to coincide with assembly of the very first GravityLights. We’re delighted to report that the production line is now in full swing. So here we go!

The photos taken on the first day of the visit show the line in the midst of preparations. The process has now been refined, and the rate of assembly is increasing all the time. Every GravityLight is quality tested, and it’s performance logged. As it’s essential that we get the most complete data possible from the trial, we are testing 100% of the products being made.


To meet our first commitment, the initial production units will be sent to our trial facilitators.

This is nearing completion, and the factory is moving on to assemble the remaining larger volume of GravityLights for all our Indiegogo campaign contributors who pledged for a light.

We want to thank you for your patience in waiting to see GravityLight complete its journey from fully working prototype into an improved, ruggedised and manufactured product. We are not yet at the finish line, but we are relieved to share the news that this huge milestone has been reached! We will keep you updated regarding assembly progress and dispatch dates to pledgees.


Along with each GravityLight the trial facilitators receive, we are also including a GravityLight accessory called SatLight. The SatLight is a fantastic ‘plugin’ addition to the GravityLight unit and is the first peripheral we have developed for the GravityLight, with your support. We have taken photographs (below) to show you how the SatLights look, how they can be used to distribute the light around a room and also positioned for direct task lighting. The effect is even better than we had hoped for and we are looking forward to the user feedback on the SatLights from the trial.


Simple and effective cardboard packaging has also been developed for both products.


Our partners on the ground will help us to evaluate, independently, the user’s experience of the products, the efficiency of GravityLight in different environments, the social impact, and the future market demand. We are expecting these results before Christmas. We will be posting updates on So please stay tuned.

Once again, a huge thanks for your support.

The Deciwatt Team


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